Deluxe Pool Suite | Nikki Beach – Ibiza

Dj Coxswain Nikki Beach - ibiza.jpg

Saturday 23rd of June at Nikki Beach Ibiza (Spain). The spanish duo based in Ibiza, Dj Coxswain & Jane Fox will be performing for “Deluxe Pool Suite” party, an exclusive 3h DJ Set (15:00 – 18:00). Free Entry. Don’t miss it ! Join Us..


Latin House Music – Corazon

Latin house music release from Coxswain & Jane Fox, spanish duo based in Ibiza. Amazing latin house vibe along the song, very catchy vocal hook “corazon”, excellent performance by the latin diva Jane Fox. Great instrument selection and very fine production job from the seasoned hand of veteran producer Coxswain and featuring the unmistakable vocals of Jane Fox comes ‘Corazon’, a driving tribal house number that oozes Latin heat and funk, out now on international release via Senssual Ibiza. Perfectly timed for the opening of the White Isle’s season, ‘Corazon’ is the essence of fiery Spanish passion, at times stripped back and expectant, at others a full blown celebration of all things Latina. Dripping with brass instrumentals and rolling, rippling percussive elements, Coxswain expertly paints a sultry, undulating backdrop for Fox’s Spanish diva vocal to dance across, infusing the production with heat and emotion. Expect to hear this on dance floors across Ibiza and beyond over the coming months. Buy-link

Senssual Magazine February – Ibiza

Senssual Magazine Ibiza.jpg

Ibiza House Music | Senssual Ibiza compilation




Senssual Records delivers one more year at the end of the season the essential 2017 guide to this summer’s biggest tracks. An amazing selection of the best music from our international in-house artists: Coxswain & Jane Fox, Gil Everest, Wise & Young, Sugar Hill, Esteban de Urbina, Andy Laguna, Mørn, DJ Alexia, Roots & Sanchez, Luan Delucci, Haldo, Tony Schwery, Ronny Rox, Tejota Bacunana, Hector Rivera, Paul Misano, Terry Lex, Steff Mo, Tall & Handsome, Murillo, Kitz, Sachy Toyama, Leach & Lezizmo, Mula & Röser, Armando Vazquez, Kevin da Silva, Calvin Clerc. Covering a wide range of electronic music styles: Deep House, Funky House, House, Pop House and Tech House. Senssual compilation includes 2 DJ Mixes by the label boss, Coxswain: Day & Night Mixes will be your a perfect selection of music, no matter if you are djing at a pool party or a night club, Senssual Ibiza 2017 will be the right choice. Don’t Miss it !

Senssual Miami 2017 – House Music Compilation



Senssual Miami 2017.jpg

Senssual Records compilations are present every year in the most representative locations for the electronic music industry : WMC Miami – IMS Ibiza – ADE Amsterdam.

Funky Disco Love – Single on digital stores


Funky Disco Love.jpg

“Funky Disco Love”, discover the new sound produced by the Duo : Coxswain & Jane Fox. Great funky house music groove from Dj Coxswain, accompanied with an amazing funky lead vocal by the talented voice of the singer Jane Fox.
A production that comes directly from the studio in Ibiza, a track inspired from the classic funky & disco roots, but mixed with the best house music style of the moment.


Dance-House music compilation Senssual ADE 2017

Senssual Amsterdam 2017, exclusive music selection for one of the most important events in the Electronic Dance Music industry annual agenda. With professionals travelling from all over the world and dance lovers meeting up in Amsterdam for an amazing event, Senssual Records presents an essential selection of tracks from our international roster of DJ’s and producers: Coxswain & Jane Fox, Gil Everest, Wise & Young, Sugar Hill, Esteban de Urbina, Felix Gil, Tony Schwery, Ronny Rox, Tejota Bascunana, Hector Rivera, Terry Lex, Steff Mo, Sachy Toyama, Kevin da Silva, Calvin Clerc and many more. Including an exclusive DJ Mix from the label boss Coxswain, to complete one more year Senssual ADE package. Music Style: Funky house, Tropical House, Latin House, Deep House, House. Don’t miss it, Grab Your Copy !

Dj para Eventos

Coxswain & Jane fox ibiza events

Más de 20 años de experiencia en el mundo de la música y un currículum a la altura de los más grandes, hacen del dúo Coxswain & Jane Fox la opción ideal para amenizar tu evento privado.

 La versatilidad del show y la capacidad de adaptación para hacer disfrutar al público son nuestra razón de ser, cada actuación incluye el inconfundible sello de calidad Coxswain & Jane Fox

Coxswain & Jane Fox | Senssual ibiza STK club

It has been a pleasure to share Ibiza Summer season 2017 with all of you, we see you next year. Senssual Ibiza. Senssual Records is the home of dance/house music, by Coxswain & Jane Fox.  Enjoy our show experience “ Senssual Ibiza “

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